10 Ways Being in an Open Relationship Changes Your Sex Life

Being in an open relationship can mean more sex, and it can also mean changing the way you have and think about sex. To learn more, four people who've been in open relationships shared how their sex lives changed after ditching monogamy.

Queefing – interesting things you need to know

Queefing is a totally natural bodily function that happens when air gets trapped in your vagina.
8 Common Sex Problems and How to Solve Them

8 Common Sex Problems and How to Solve Them

The next time you're standing in line at the grocery store, check out the glossy headlines of the women's magazines that line the stands:...

How porn ruined the first sex experience

We asked couples how porn might have taught them the wrong lessons, and surprisingly most of them agreed that it not only gave them unrealistic expectations, but also ruined their first sex experience. Here’s what they had to say…

Holiday sex & flings

Holidays offer the chance to meet new people and maybe to have sex with them or to get closer to someone you already know. But with alcohol a major part of many holidays and high rates of sexual infections in some destinations, it pays to take extra care.

Things your guy wants you to do in bed…but will never ask for

You know the fact: Women sometimes struggle feeling themselves when it comes to sex, while dudes are 100 percent satisfied as soon as their P hits a V. However actually, that super old, kind of lame assumption might not be that accurate.

Why December is the best month to have sex?

Among all things, having sex with your partner, which is always a pleasurable experience, can become more passionate. Thanks to the weather and the festivities that December brings!

Some sex secrets women want men to know

Seven sex secrets women wish their partner knew...

Things Men Hate about Sex

It's never one sex, one erection. That ratio rarely, if ever, occurs. No, the path toward doing it (especially the first few times with someone) travels a sinuously hot and cold route from coming home to finally banging.

5 Things Men Should Never Say To A Naked Woman

5 Things Men Should Never Say To A Naked Woman