Things Every Woman Should Know About Using Lube

Lube can fill a myriad of needs—whether that's keeping the engine revving a little longer during a marathon sex-binge, making things a little bit more slippery, or introducing you to some new kinds of fun.
Causes of Sexual Pain

When Sex Hurts

Between 25 and 45 percent of postmenopausal women find sex painful, a condition called dyspareunia. While there are many causes, the most common reason for...

Sex Tricks Every Woman Should Try Before Her 40th Birthday ( Part 1)

Not in the mood—but want to get yourself there? Try this five-minute trick to rev up your sex drive. Warm your hands in hot water. Cup your genital area with your palm, increasing pressure to a level you like.
Sex after Breast Surgery

Sex after Breast Surgery

If you've just learned that you have breast cancer, your sex life may be the last thing on your mind. But as you move...
Causes of Sexual Pain

Causes of Sexual Pain

Since many women over 50 do not experience vulvovaginal atrophy, women with sexual pain should be aware that there are other medical conditions that...
Women's Sexual Health: Start by Talking about Your Needs

Women’s Sexual Health: Start by Talking about Your Needs

You may feel uncomfortable talking about your sexual experiences and desires; however, your partner can't read your mind. Sharing your thoughts and expectations about...

The Key to Better Sex Is All in Your Breathing

A few secrets of yoga can help rev up your love life.