6 reasons why you haven’t found your true love

6 reasons why you haven’t found your true love
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We all look for that perfect someone to share our life with. A person who loves us unconditionally, understands us like no one else and stands beside us through thick and thin. But in case you have not found your significant other yet, do not lose heart and blame it on destiny. There might be chances that your approach towards finding love is wrong, or you are unintentionally pushing it away. Here are a few possible reasons why you are struggling to find an ideal partner…

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Your expectation level

You need to understand that no relationship is self-sustaining, and it requires continuous efforts from both the partners to make it successful. Do not expect your partner or your relationship to be ‘perfect’ from the very first day. Instead, both of you need to work (and it’s not easy!) on it to make it perfect.

Your expectation level (via New HD Wallpapers)

You haven’t moved on from your past

If you are nursing a broken heart, it is obvious that you will not be able to invest emotionally in any other relationship. Take your time to address your feelings and get rid of all the emotional baggage from the past. It would help you to realise what you are exactly seeking from a relationship.

​Someone who’s already taken

Many people unknowingly make this mistake and end up hurting their own emotions. There is no point in waiting for someone who’s already in a serious relationship. Do we really need to explain why? There’s a reason why that person is in a ‘committed’ relationship. Do not live in an Utopian world where that person will be your soulmate someday (which might NEVER arrive) in life. Instead, understand that life is full of endless possibilities and there’s someone else who’s meant for you.

​Someone who’s already taken (via Dr. Alexandra Solomon)

​You have commitment issues

Does the idea of a commitment gives you jitters? Do you feel that being committed to one person for a lifetime can be suffocating? Or, you find it difficult to trust someone? Maybe, you are unsure about what you exactly want. It’s time to halt your search and focus on yourself and address those issues which you need to work on first before you start looking for a soulmate again.

​You have other priorities

Maybe love is not on your priority list right now. You are already occupied with your career or busy travelling to the places that have made it to your bucket list. As far as you are happy with what you are doing, it’s okay if finding ‘true love’ is not one of your goals in life right now.

Love is not on your priority list right now (via New Scientist)

​The ups and downs of a relationship

It’s easy to be in love when everything is fine. But you only get to test the foundation of your relationship when it goes through a rough patch. Maybe, you give up easily once your relationship has crossed its ‘rosy’ period and start looking for greener pastures. But in reality, love is about being together no matter what challenges life throws at you and your partner.

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