Falling in love? Here’s something you should know

Falling in love? Here’s something you should know
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Most of us associate the idea of falling in love with dreamy dates, emotional bliss, intimacy and a happily-ever-after life, right? But unlike what we see in romantic Bollywood movies, relationships require immense hard work. It takes continuous efforts from both the partners to make it successful, and it’s definitely not a cakewalk. If you are falling in love head over heels with someone, here are a few things you should keep in mind before entering into a relationship.

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​You are responsible for your happiness

Being in a relationship is surely a beautiful feeling but don’t mistake it as a key to your happiness. In fact, your relationship is not a magic wand that will fix all your problems and make your life perfect. Your happiness lies in your own hands, and you do not need a significant other to complete you.

​You are responsible for your happiness (via Next Avenue)

​No two people are same

Do not expect that your partner and you will share the same set of hobbies, lifestyles, opinions and perspective about life every time. No two people are same, and it’s okay to have different opinions about something. What matters is that you respect each other’s choices, and are willing to accept them the way they are.

​No relationship is perfect

No relationship is perfect and like we mentioned above, it takes continuous efforts from both the partners to make it perfect. Every relationship goes through a rough patch at some point of time. It is okay to have little arguments and fights with your partner; it is important that both should learn to resolve the issues, and manage to stay happy together.

No relationship is perfect (via Thought Catalog)

​It must not be painful

Your love life might have some good and bad days but there should not be a single day where you compromise on your ethics or dignity. No one, remember, no one should be in an abusive or hurtful relationship. Love is not meant to be painful, anyhow!

​Do not overthink about anything

While you must have similar expectations from the relationship, but there is no point in brooding about something that is not in your control. Make sure you don’t overstress yourself by thinking about what all happened in the past or what will happen in the coming years. If you are in a happy relationship, stay hopeful about a beautiful future together but do not set unrealistic expectations.

Do not overthink about anything (via Vivid & Brave)

​Love can happen again

Let’s bust this myth: you can fall in love, again. People tend to believe in misconceptions like first love is the last love, true love happens just once in life and continue to stay in a loveless relationship. A heart break does not mean that you will never fall in love again in life. If you have found your soulmate in your first relationship, then congratulations. But if you have not, life has other amazing things (and people) in store for you.

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